What Are These Crazy Glass Pieces: A Deep Dive Into Heady Glass

What Are These Crazy Glass Pieces: A Deep Dive Into Heady Glass

Sep 22, 2022Ryan Mumpower
Glass blowing has its place in art history dating back to the 1st century in the form of luxury vessels transported throughout the roman empire. How does that relate to the glass blowing we know today? Through techniques as old as the practice itself with new styles invented by artists old and new alike the industry is ever growing in skill. Glass art has exceeded industry standard in the form of Heady Glass.Β 

Heady Glass first became popular in the early 70s with glass artist Bob Snodgrass. A Grateful Dead fan ( or Deadhead) and glass enthusiast. Snodgrass Followed the Dead around on tour with his mobile glass studio making art for fans of the band. Though Snodgrass is considered the "Heady glass (lampwork as he calls it) God Father" it wasn't until Prop 15 in 1996 which brought a boom in the glass industry. Finding new and creative ways to make a visually appealing smoke experience for all users to love and enjoy. Sophisticated and functional these pieces present high-quality use with a grand style of flair and finesse.Β 

From here everything seemed to be promising, a new industry booming with new products each an extension of ones individuality and finesse. However soon came a road block in 2003 in the form of a government crackdown, Operation Pipe Dreams. This was the US governments way to stop the sale of cannabis paraphernalia in all forms. By the end of it 55 people, including Actor and Comedian Tommy Chong, were arrested. It is important to know the history behind something like Heady Glass Art before delving into what it actually is.

So let's discuss what is Heady Glass.

Heady Glass is described as one of a kind glass pieces ranging from Waterpipes to pendants providing a unique and visually appealing experience. Most of the time you'll find artists like Banjo or Bubbles the butcher creating popular gems as seen in the video documentary "From Sands to Bands". If you're interested in learning about the art of glass blowing, the process involved or interested in glass in general check out this series!

"From Sands To Bands" S1E2 : Heady Seminar

Naturally the prices of Heady Glass is on the higher end of things, due to the quality of the art as well as the time put into the piece. These pieces show true craftmanship and love for the art form. Heady glass is not just a stoners dream piece, its time, blood, sweat, and tears. They're a sign of passion for the craft and a deep seeded love for the industry as well as the clients. Finding a piece that has been carefully thought through, or rendered in a modeling VR program as of recently, is a sight to behold.

Creating a Heady glass piece requires skill in many forms of glass blowing. Styles like raking, fuming, or sculpting are just a few of the many different kinds of whimsical and detailed designs you can find on the market. Sculpting is a typical thing to see in Heady Glass, fine art pieces shaped to perfection bringing out the distinguished qualities of the glass. To witness the functionality in conjunction with the design of these pieces is truly a sight to see, smoke filling the separate chambers and tubes towards your lungs is unlike anything.

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