Best Disposables of 2022

Best Disposables of 2022

Sep 20, 2022Ryan Mumpower

Disposable vapes, despite their recent growth in popularity, were among the first types of vaping starting in 2003 as E-cigarettes. First sold in gas stations before vape shops were a thing with generic flavors like "Wild Watermelon" or "Skittles". Promptly following that was the introduction of Mod style vapes, rebuildable drip atomizers or RDAs and simple kanthal coil devices are examples of these. After that came a new wave of disposable type vapes in the form of the Juul (2015). Now we are here in 2022 seeing a huge boom in Disposables from many different brands!

Is this a bad thing? Not at all, this proves the want for a more simplistic way to quit cigarettes is in high demand. This gives companies like Elf Bar or Kado the incentive to create bigger and better items for consumers to enjoy. New and exciting flavor combinations coming from these companies also bring in new users to add to the cycle of vaping. Introductions to items such as these can be a bit nerve-racking, I offer this article as a guide to devices and brands you should look for in stores and online.

If you're like me looking for a disposable that lasts and will maintain its flavor until it's time to throw it away, then continue reading to hear my thoughts as well as information on each of these devices. In this article, I'll go over some personal choices as well as some industry favorites noticeably popular with customers across Xhale City's many locations. This is the list of the Best Disposables of 2022

Lost Mary x Elf Bar

This device comes in many amazing flavors, like Cranberry Soda and Strawberry Pina Colada. Personally, I love the Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava, the combination of a full-bodied flavor and a Mesh coil present the perfect hit. This device also features a Type-C charging port, fast charging with ease. The Lost Mary x Elf Bar devices are relatively new so I can understand how these are not extremely popular yet but trust me, give these a try and you will not be disappointed. 

Pop Hit Solo

Now let's hit another new device, the Pop Hit Solos. Pop Hit isn't a new brand but a continuing source for enjoyable flavors like Chilled Watermelon or White Gummy Bear. Featuring a mesh coil and Type-C charging this device provides smooth hits with quick charging to keep the stress relief going. As mentioned before the Pop Hit Solos are new to stores so stop by and try them out!

Kado Bar 5000

The Kado bars are extremely popular offering an amazing mint flavor as well as others. A smooth draw from start to finish with a comfortable mouthpiece. The Kado features a Type-C fast charging port that supports usage for hours. Taking a new edge into flavorful vaping. Adding to the experience of the Kado Bar is a unique and splendid flavor profile, often you can find the same flavor in other disposables, but this device stands out with a true organic flavor. Using this device is an easy experience for those looking for a nice hit. 

Daze Ohmlet

Another new device on this list is the Daze Ohmlet. This device is thinner than the average disposable but packs more of a punch than most. Coming filled with 15mL or 7000 puffs with unique flavors like Watermelon Grape Orange. I've seen these pick up in sales at a quicker pace than its predecessor, the Daze Egg. Customers love the flavor profiles linked to the device, as well as the pull from the comfort lip mouthpiece. Of course, my favorite part of this device is something I've mentioned before. The Type-C fast charging port is a must-have in a device honestly.

Pod King x Elf Bar

This list would not be complete without adding one of the most popular in-store devices on the market. Elf Bar has made many collaborations with many fantastic companies, and this is no exception. The Pod King x Elf Bar device is an outstanding and easy-to-use device. A splendid pull offering tremendous flavor. Inciting a rush of stimulation and satisfaction from the mouthpiece to your lungs, this device has the potential to quell the storm of your day. 

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