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King Palm: Smoking Palm Tree Leaf?

Sep 15, 2022Ryan Mumpower
The Lotus Flower Slim is a fantastic pre-rolled stuffer. When first talking about the slow-burning properties, I was unsure how that would hold up for the time I had planned to try the product, seeing as I haven’t used a slow-burn-style wrap in quite some time. I was pleasantly reacquainted with the smooth pull with a sesh lasting close to an hour. Starting from the first hit I was hit with a fresh but subtle-tasting flower petal mixed with the rich herb taste of its contents. The longevity of the flavor was so good in fact, that I realized I was about to burn the filter itself.

A delightful taste and a beautiful aesthetic wrap coupled with a corn husk filter is a truly divine experience. Would I recommend the Lotus Slim? Wholeheartedly, if you’re in the market for a true slow-burn tube this is a must. I cannot wait for this item to land at my local smoke shop, it will be an undisputed best-seller. 

I was also able to try the Red Reign (Energy Drink) 2pk minis. Personally, I haven’t tried many of the flavored filter tips any company offers. However, when given the chance to try Red Reign it was obvious that I was missing out on a whole new smoking experience. When talking about the combination of flavored filters and a Palm Leaf Wrap, it’s not a common thing; King Palm is the only company I am aware of using something like this in juxtaposition to the traditional pre-packed tobacco blunts. In my experience with smoking palm leaf, the benefits include a slow burn down to the filter as well as a better all-around production of the flavor from the flower tucked inside.

With Red Reign being my first step into flavored filters, it did not disappoint the hype surrounding the flavored smoke. The flavor profile was reminiscent of a cherry beverage that hit almost immediately after first breaking the terpene pearl inside the filter. The taste remained strong throughout the entire burn, all the way down to the band. Dishing out a satisfying taste along with a pleasant aroma is perfect for a camping trip or summer evening out.

When using the mini I had trouble with airflow, upon realizing this I tried to find answers to see if there was something I was doing wrong. After reading the packaging it was clear that in my excitement to try the Red Reign flavor I had missed where King Palm clearly stated to use a chunky grind to get the best possible hit. This makes a huge difference in smoking and effectively raises the experience to a new level.

 Of course, using these two smoking essentials I needed a grinder, leading me to my next test. I had the pleasure of using the King Palm XL Two-stage grinder to fill these stuffers as well as the Grinder Card. I found the Card to be oddly equal in efficiency to the actual 2-piece grinder, I would highly recommend the Grinder Card if you needed something a little more portable and discrete.

As someone who isn’t too fond of the taste of lighter fluid, I enjoy using hemp wick as a cleaner way of lighting up. Of course, for the sake of cohesion, I used the King Palm Hemp Wick to light both the Lotus tube and Red Reign and I felt there was no drop-off in burn and instead a more even ignition throughout the entire session. 

After trying these products I would highly recommend looking for King Palm in stores near you. Absolutely an amazing company and I personally am looking forward to new products hitting shelves everywhere.

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