Esco Bar Breakdown

Esco Bar Breakdown

Sep 15, 2022Ryan Mumpower
Many disposables have graced the shelves of the industry with delightful flavors and packaging. Throughout all this time brands have come and gone, some great and some not-so great. Only recently have we seen a break away from traditional means of disposable vaping. For example we now have visible juice reservoirs, rechargeable devices, and activating devices. With all of these advancements one brand surely stands out among the rest, Pastel Cartel.

Pastel Cartel is hitting the scene with an amazing line of high-quality disposables. Esco bars take the cake when it comes to coil longevity and highly sought after flavor profiles. These devices have been extremely popular in brick & mortar stores and continue to grow in popularity online. Esco bars have an equal pull to vapor production ratio making it a comfortable and reliable hit each time. 
There are many kinds of Esco Bars such as the Esco Bar H20 and the Ripe Mega.

Let's get into the list!

The Esco Bar Fruitia 2500 Puff Disposable
The Fruitia edition come in a variety of flavors all sporting their own unique color. No matter the occasion Pastel Cartel has you covered with these premium disposables. The Fruitia Esco Bars features all brand new flavors like Fiji Apple Ice, Blue Raspberry Lemon, Mango Guava Ice, Snow Cone Ice, and Watermelon Bubble Gum just to name a few.

Sleek design with comfort thin-tip mouthpiece and a slender form powered by a 650mah battery to produce quality vapor production. The Esco Bar H20 Disposable Vape device has 6000 draw-activated puffs and is pre-filled with 15ml of 50mg Aquios water-based E-Liquid. 
The disposable vape features Aquios Labs' revolutionary technology, created the first generation of Aquios (AQ30) which supports 30% water. Aquios E-Liquids offers users a more saturated and satisfying flavor with reduced throat irritation.

With the new Ripe Eco Bars Mega you too can live that mega lifestyle. Like the traditional 2500 puff Esco bars, these take them to the next level with 5000 puffs! How cool is that?! With the same tried and true flavors, these Ripe Esco Bars Megas are phenomenal. 
These are one of the longest lasting disposables on the market right now while also having particularly awesome flavor. The Ripe Esco Bars Mega disposable is also USB-C rechargeable so now you can get every bit of e-juice out of your disposable! In conclusion this is a really innovative and long lasting vape.

 Esco Bars are back with another collaboration with your favorite E-juice company. Centered around style and performance the KILO x Esco Bars will surely be your new go-to disposable. Satisfying flavors to captivate the senses and allow your mind to wander from Wild Strawberry fields to icy Mint topped mountains.

Esco Bars are well know for the long lasting flavor of each disposable from start to finish and with a 1500mah battery you'll have ample time to enjoy each and every hit.

Fruitia x Esco Bars  have done it again with the Fruitia edition disposable. With four magnificent, delicious,  and robust flavors to choose from you will never get tired of these bad boys.  Pastel Cartel teamed up with Fresh Farms to produce a line of E-liquid that is by far one of our favorite juices. As a result Esco Bars have become one our top selling disposables.  
Esco Bars x Fruitia edition come in a variety of flavors all sporting their own unique color. No matter the occasion, even a formal occasion, Pastel Cartel has you covered with these premium disposables. The Fruitia Esco Bars features all brand new flavors like Kiwi Pom, White Mystery, Mixed Berries, and even White Gummy.

Esco Bars Ripe Mesh Disposable packs 2500 puffs of great flavors in a sleek compact design. The built in mesh coil gives off clean, well-rounded, delicious flavor and vapor production that will take your taste buds for a wild ride! If you’re looking for an intense vape experience, look no further. A total nicotine strength of 5% and a 6ml capacity provides the user with a full body hit relieving stress throughout your week. 

Apart of their Pastel Cartel line, the Esco Bars Mesh 2500Puffs Disposable combines reliability and comfort into a stylish design. A stick battery design fitted with a 5/10 mouth piece ideal for easy-to-use device. Full open air flow with a 1000mah battery and auto-draw functionality create satisfying vapor production stimulating the senses.

What better than a slim device like the Esco Bars to make your day-to-day a much more enjoyable experience. Satisfy and refresh your taste buds with the flavorful E-juice filled within each device.

Which one of these will be your favorite? Try them out!

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