Top 5 Vape Devices of 2022

Top 5 Vape Devices of 2022

Dec 05, 2022Ryan Mumpower
Are you interested in vaping but are unsure what device to use? Is there too much information out there and you are just at odds with the sheer number of options you have? Picking a Vape can be tough with each device having different experiences and features, so I have devised a list of the most popular choices for Mods according to the consumers. Through a careful study of In-store sales and online trends, this list will dive deep into what makes these devices a cut above the rest.

Number 5

The VooPoo Drag Series

My first device was a VooPoo Drag 2 so this may be a bit biased, however, I personally believe these mods are the perfect starter device for anyone. The newest in the Drag Series is the Drag H80s, powered by a single external 18650, this mod provides efficiency in a slender style. The design of the devices features a sleek metallic and luxurious faux leather stamped with the Drag Logo. The H80s has a wattage range from 5-80watts, using two adjustment buttons to find your ideal power setting, getting that perfect pull each time. The H80s also has a magnetic pod connection, which makes for easy replacement of coils with little to no leaking.

The reason this series is low on the list is due to its simplicity, one of its key points. Simplicity isn’t a bad thing which is why I recommend this device to most people just starting their journey into vaping.

Number 4

Vaporesso XROS 2

The XROS is a salt nicotine device, meaning a high strength with an amazing pull. The pen-style design coupled with a magnetic drop-in pod makes for a super simple experience. Just like the Drag series, this mod creates a starting point for a new user. The ease of use is not its biggest factor, the highlight must be the mesh coil throat hit that can easily make this a top pick for even experienced users.

It was difficult to rank the XROS and the Drag Series, they are equal in their own rights. The main reason the XROS ranks higher is due to its Salt-nic nature, to me, this is an added benefit.

Number 3

Maxus Galex Nano

Another solo battery device that has a removable tank, the Galax is a variable wattage mod pushing 11w-22w through a mesh coil. Made in the shape of the classic Freemax Mod design with an added “Full Spectrum” color pattern. The pod choices offer a customizable experience for the consumer to see where they feel comfortable, in terms of power output and hit density. The coolest feature of this device is the absolute control over customization you have over this device, from the LED color patterns for text and Backlighting to the wattage range.

Number 2

Geek Vape M100

This will be the second internal battery device on the list. The M100 is a 100w mod that features the most impressive tank on the market, the Zeus nano. Known for cloud vapor production, the Zeus nano tank is the hottest-selling and preferred tank for consumers everywhere. The top airflow of the tank completely gets rid of the leaking problem facing most bottom airflow tanks. Getting back to the mod itself, you will find that even though the wattage isn’t comparable to the 200w mods on shelves this device can still compete for top placement. With multiple settings can come confusion but the GUI design is incredibly user-friendly. Geek Vape prides itself on the durability of its mods, which means a dust-proof, shock-proof, and water-resistant device.

Number 1

Geek Vape L200

This two-battery bottom-loading device allows for a fully powered hit with each inhale. The L200 is 15% small than the Aegis X device yet still packs a punch. Just like the M100, this is waterproof, shock-proof, and dust-proof. In addition to its incredibly comfortable design, this 200w device brings a new feel to your lungs. Powerful vapor production due to the sheer power and resistance allowed by the Zeus tank. With a mode as appealing as this one, the safety concerns of pocket auto-firing have been addressed with a switch that locks with just a slide. The reason this mod is at the top of my list is based on the number of users raving over the durability of this device.

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