Top 3 Devices For On The Go Smoking

Top 3 Devices For On The Go Smoking

Dec 12, 2022Ryan Mumpower
In this day and age, it is common to live a fast-paced lifestyle. This causes some to either make time in their busy schedule to smoke or be able to take it on the go. Not everyone has the time to drop what they are doing and take a toke off their 14-inch waterpipe, some like to have a quick and easy way to grab a hit and go.

In this article, I will go over my top three picks for smoking on the go as well as why these are so popular in the community. These choices are gathered from personal experiences as well as customer interaction in-store.

Number 3

The Puffco Budsy/Cupsy

There is a reason the number three spot on this list has two products and that is because I honestly can’t decide on which one deserves the attention. The Budsy and the Cupsy function the same water pipes, one disguised as a water bottle and the other as a coffee cup. The biggest benefit of these two is the duality of each product, if I wanted to use the Budsy as a water bottle I can, the same goes for the Cupsy. I enjoy a product that functions well with multiple purposes.

The setup is easy with each being relatively self-explanatory when opened. Each has a ceramic bowl piece that can be removed to pack and then replaced to smoke. If you don’t wish to use these as a cup or water bottle, they double as storage space for your product.

Number 2

The Mighty

A bit on the less discreet side of things we have a Dry herb vaporizer that can push out vapor with such intensity it will make the sky jealous. The Mighty comes from the minds behind the household tabletop vaporizer the Volcano, another large dry herb vaporizer. The problem with the Volcano is the lack of portability, so steps in the Mighty to bring a hand-held spin on peak efficiency.

One of the benefits behind the Mighty is how comfortable the grip is, offering little to no sharp edges to pierce your palm or exposed heating elements to sear your skin. The only thing you feel is the wave of relief washing over you as you inhale the sweet smoke of your product of choice. Offering a full hot air convection heating system, this device evenly heats your flower to produce clean and flavorful smoke. Additionally, this machine presents outstanding battery life, with two lithium-ion batteries with pass-through charging.

Number 1

The Puffco Peak Pro

This is a tricky one, some would consider this to be an at-home device. However, this device is a perfect on-the-go vaporizer for concentrates. The appeal is the pure flavor the chamber gives to the consumer and the efficiency this device provides. Finding a vaporizer that fulfills the needs of those who wish to take a safe and reliable device on a camping trip or concert.

Created by Roger Volodarsky to make dabbing simple, and to add a sense of ease to the daily struggle of maintaining the perfect temperature without the use of a torch. When trying to find a suitable replacement for the at-home remedy with something more portable, you want to look for something that has good hand-held features like the different heat settings and pre-heating elements.


It is always nice to keep a device or piece on standby ready for use when out and about. This list is a guide to features to look for in mobile devices. Things like Battery life, Session times, Heat settings, Discretion, and overall feel of the device. Take a few minutes to look up product reviews as well as company reviews (like this article) to find out which product best suits your needs.

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