Top 5 Discreet Smoking Devices

Top 5 Discreet Smoking Devices

Dec 21, 2022Ryan Mumpower
Do you find yourself without a discreet way to smoke? Is the smell too much or are there too many prying eyes? Then you’re in luck! I have compiled a list of the Top 5 discreet smoking devices on the market today!

Why do you need a stealthier device? Well, often you are going to find yourself in a situation where you need to keep the toke on the low. What better way to do so than with an unassuming cigarette doppelganger or a device that doesn’t leak the stink? Throughout this list, I break down the benefits of each pipe or device, as well as why you may need one.

Number 5



A clear winner when it comes to storage and smoking is in the form of a small box called a dugout. Much like Schrodinger’s Cat, no one knows what is inside until opened. Normally a dugout features one slot allocated for your one-hitter and a storage chamber for your flower. This isn’t necessarily considered a “smoking device” but needed to be mentioned as it ties into the topic of “discreet smoking”. Personally, I believe a dugout is a must-have for anyone in the smoking community.

Number 4

Stealth Pipes (Journey Pipes)


Although a Chillum is perfect for that single hit, would you like something easy to store pre-packed with more to pull on? I introduce you to the Journey pipes, designed to be the perfect on-the-go, easy-to-clean hand pipe. While the piece is not smell-proof, the discretionary bit is how easy it is to clean, keeping the stink to a completely minimal amount.

The entire pipe is held together with magnets, you are easily able to take apart each section seeing the inner workings of such a wonderful device. Would you like to find yourself able to smoke in peace wherever you go?

Number 3

Chillums (Metal Cigarette)


Smoking a cigarette is as common as chewing bubble gum, most even ignore them at first site. However, if you look closer you can see the metallic chamber where your product goes, allowing full discretion. These Chillums are extremely common as well as popular. From Smoke shops to gas stations, these metal bats have become an industry staple and favorite for years.

Other Chillums are fantastic as well offering a single hit from each pack earning the name “One-hitter”. The efficiency is a downside, in my opinion, however, if you need a quick toke then this is perfect for you. The simplistic nature is the reason for the low rating, as most of the other devices are a bit more complex.

Number 2

Pax 3


Now we get into the fun stuff, battery-powered devices made for puffing clouds of tasty vapor. This, of course, starts with the Pax 3. A dry herb vaporizer is made to heat your product instead of burning it outright. What are some of the features? As mentioned before, the pax contains a convection oven lid that heats your product evenly allowing for maximum output with little waste. The battery life is an outstanding two-and-a-half hour or 8 to 10 sessions. The accessories that come in the complete kit include a concentrate lid for oils, a Half-pack lid for a smaller hit, and two extra mouthpieces a flat and raised version. Why do the attachments matter? If there was a small piece that could instantly buff your experience overall, wouldn’t you want it? The Pax 3 has a slender design perfect for easy storage and maintenance. Easily pre-packed and ready for your next vacation or day trip.

Number 1

Davinci IQ


Unlike the Pax 3, the IQ uses an external battery allowing for multiple charges assuming you carry extra 18650 batteries. The biggest benefit is how smell-proof when this device is not in use. How often do you find something that can store product as well as smoke it without a smell? Not often I would say. The precise temperature control on the IQ is extremely important to get your preferred hit. This device features a temperature range of 121 to 222 Celsius. Making a huge difference in efficiency for vaporizers everywhere Davinci continues to improve on this design concept by making a small form, The MIQRO. Equal in efficiency with improved battery design and size to better fit the palm of the consumers.

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