Top 3 Delta 8 Companies of 2022

Top 3 Delta 8 Companies of 2022

Dec 23, 2022Ryan Mumpower
When driving down the street, it’s common to see signs labeled “Delta 8”. What Is Delta 8, it’s a derivative of the cannabis plant made to have less of the traditional psychoactive effects, instead presenting a more healing sensation like its counterpart CBD. This product is seen as beneficial to daily functions, stress/anxiety relief, and inducing hunger. It is not a replacement for traditional medicine but has been known to help lessen the symptoms of insomnia and anxiety disorders.

Now that we have covered what it is, you can delve deeper into understanding noteworthy brands in 2022, like Rare, Hemp Bombs, and Kalibloom. These are just a few of the most popular manufacturers of Delta 8 in the market. What makes them popular? Can I trust them? Allow me to quell the storm of questions clouding your mind on the Top 3 Delta 8 Companies of 2022.

Number 3

Hemp Bombs

A company that has been around since 2016, Hemp Bombs is well-respected for Hemp-derived health and wellness products known throughout the CBD/Delta 8 Industry. Seen as the underdog of the list, Hemp Bombs is a cost-effective yet efficient way to introduce Delta 8 into your life. Offering an amazing selection of gummies in varying strengths and flavors, they bring comfort to your dietary needs. Flavors like a succulent Peach Paradise, or mouthwatering and intense Blue Razz Burst. How often do you find a brand reputable and reliable to suit your needs?

Hemp Bombs offers a comprehensive list of lab reports for each batch made. Why need lab reports? The importance of having a verified lab report for some can be the deciding factor of how your body will handle this substance. Is the THC content too high? Is the amount of CBD up to your standard? Setting your eyes upon a document detailing the exact percentage gives peace of mind to the consumers.

Number 2


The biggest draw, other than the potency and terpene profile, of the Kalibloom devices is the sleek design. The familiar stick-like shape of the disposable devices made for a comfortable grip and superb vapor production. Again, Kalibloom offers comprehensive lab reports to ease the stress of any consumer having doubts. Kalibloom creates a stress-free disposable in many different strains avenues of inhalation, the standard disposable as well as a pod system to simply swap out a pod and keep the battery. This manufacturer also released Delta 8 Flower, for those who don’t like the feeling of a vape hit and steer towards the traditional method of smoking.

The true show of care in a company comes in the form of Kalibloom’s “project Kik-back”. This is a humanitarian effort to reduce the waste caused by tossing out lithium-ion batteries. Reducing the carbon footprint of a company’s product is a huge step forward for a company that cares. After completing the form and enclosing six of the pods or disposables you are offered a $40 E-gift card for their website, offering an incentive to do a good deed.

Number 1

Rare Hemp Co.

Another comprehensive lab report is attached to each product allowing for complete trust in a company’s product. Rare Hemp Co. is one of the most recent manufacturers on this list and it shows in its reliability and design. The terpene profiles are outstanding in tantalizing taste and pull. If you like more of an edible substance, Rare Hemp Co. released a flavor-packed line of Delta 8 Gummies. These gummies were a tremendous hit along with the disposable vapes, almost immediately after hitting shelves the hype surrounding this brand grew exponentially.

A full understanding of a company like Rare Hemp Co. comes from customer interaction. Fully supportive and easy-to-use systems in the disposables and quick-read labels offer a sense of relief in the consumer’s eyes. Creating a safety net for the community of Delta 8 users is an important step in making headway in an industry that can be concerning to those who are first trying the product. This manufacturer is the perfect starting point for those who are interested in trying and continuing to have Delta 8 in their lives.


This list was conceived through research on trends and search practices, as well as through in-store customer interactions. There are plenty of brands hitting the market every day but to reach above and beyond is how these companies are on this list. Keeping loyal customers can be a tricky business but these manufacturers have done so for years and will continue to do so as new regulations pass.

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