5 Things You May Not Know About Puffco Products

5 Things You May Not Know About Puffco Products

Dec 16, 2022Ryan Mumpower
Have you wondered if you were getting the most out of your Puffco device, like the Peak Pro or Proxy? Chances are you haven’t heard of a few features hidden amongst other details inside instruction manuals. Most of the time companies will leave some secret settings for users to find themselves, other times a brand is notorious for adding a feature to give the consumer something to search for. In this article, we uncover some hidden features and add-ons you may not know about, as well as go over a few tips and tricks to keep your experience enjoyable.

Tip 1

Cleaning: Proxy

It seems self-explanatory, cleaning your piece is essential, but did you know the most effective way to clean a Puffco Peak Pro or Proxy? Two different devices but they clean the same way. Most videos on the internet will tell you to soak the atomizer after it has been removed from the device. Next time, try removing the atomizer and using q tips and Isopropyl Alcohol to remove the product. Do this after each use and notice the change in the longevity of your chamber. A well-cleaned piece makes for a better all-around experience as well as knocks away any bacteria, cleanliness makes for happiness.

Tip 2 

Tough to Clean Stains: Peak Pro

Have you forgotten to clean your Peak Pro chamber for a week or so, and found a ring of concentrate stained at the bottom? Are none of your cleaning methods working? No worries! Throw a fresh glob into your chamber and heat up. Once you finished your sesh and a small pool of concentrate covers that stain throw your q tip in and swirl it around, this should knock off any residue remaining.

Tip 3

Easter Egg for the Proxy

If you look inside the manual, you will find the four standard heat settings. Blue at 505F, Green for 520F, Red for 545F, and White for 565F. These settings have served plenty of users well for a while, but did you know there is a secret fifth heat setting? Upon researching this hidden temp setting I could not find any other name than “Easter Egg”. The term itself was first popularized by the Video Game scene as a term fitting for features or items hidden in levels by game designers seems like a fitting term for this hidden gem on the proxy. To activate this secret mode, start the preheat on the white setting, and while it's going press the main button five times and enjoy!

You know it’s always a party when the Peak comes out, but did you know the party can be ramped up with a light show coming from your vaporizer? The Puffco Peak Pro has a built-in light show that can be activated after starting a heat cycle of your choice. While the device heats up tap the button on the front three times and watch as your Peak goes from normal to nutty.

Tip 4

Sip don’t Suck

When using the Proxy, it is important not to inhale so deeply that you make a tornado jealous of your suction, but to sip like a fine wine. Assuming the product you are using is top-tier stuff, you would likely want to savor the flavor, and this is the exact way to get the most flavorful hit. If you would like massive rips that make your lungs quiver, I would suggest using the Proxy Bub Glass Replacement, this limits the suction that pulls your oil down through the air intake.

Tip 5

Don’t blob it, glob it

Yes, there is a difference, if you are one of the many individuals that scoop a teaspoon of wax into a banger and proceed to enter a new state of consciousness, it would be wise to scale down your usage for a Peak Pro. You don’t need a lot, as they say, “a little goes a long way”. Adding too much into your chamber can cause heavy leaking which always leads to damage to the electronics inside the system itself. You would not want to overfill a Chamber, but it can be easy, like mentioned before a “dab” will do you.

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