PAX: The How, What, Where, and Why

PAX: The How, What, Where, and Why

Oct 17, 2022Ryan Mumpower
Traditional waterpipe usage is an industry staple for the more classic form of smoking flower. Yes, it has been an easy decision to just sit down and pull out the 15-inch piece you bought at your local smoke shop, spark it up and enjoy, but what if there was an easier, more efficient way of burning the product? Many people in the community have found clever ways to make at-home pieces that only require a bottle and a 10mm socket, true, but that is efficient, and cost-friendly, yes, but you still get the same amount out of each toke. If you need an item that is, for lack of a better phrase, “more bang for your buck” look for a dry herb vaporizer.

Dry herb vaporizers have been around for some time now, offering a better, smoother pull and an even burn throughout your session. Some devices even feature a “sesh mode” allowing the user to set a pre-determined temperature to further progress the “on-the-go” lifestyle some users have. A plethora of features, all of which make the experience per individual, unique and enjoyable. One manufacturer will stand out amongst the rest as the designer of extremely portable and economical units for consumers everywhere, Pax Labs.

About Pax

Pax was not the first idea of Adam Bowen and James Monsees, two Stanford University graduates, the company Ploom Inc. was born in 2007 from a thesis by the two on creating a new kind of cigarette and in 2015 PAX Labs released the Juul E-cigarette. However, in 2012 the first PAX device introduced a discreet way to consume cannabis followed by the Second series in 2015 and the Third series in 2016. If the last edition to the device line was added in 2016, why is PAX still popular? Pax is a company dedicated to building not only a device but an experience. Delivering high-quality machines outfitted for the perfect hit from the dry herb, with little to no product waste. The featured device from this line is of course the Pax 3.

The PAX 3

A dry herb vaporizer is an odd thing to purchase especially when you start to hear about the diverse types of ways to heat your product, for example, the PAX 3 is a Convection Oven Style lid. What does that mean? Instead of a Combustion coil ‘burning’ your product at a centralized point, a Convection Oven lid ‘heats’ your product all around giving you all the benefits of the product without that burning coil taste. This unit also features a low-smell leak, of course, when you are smoking the device, the smell is obvious (it’s smoke you really can’t avoid it without a filter on standby). Due to the oven lid design, consumers have noticed a fine grind is the best way to go when using dry herb. Wondering where to purchase one for yourself or how much they cost? Check out these links for the Pax 3 basic kit for $159.99 and Pax 3 Complete kit for $199.99.


The device is remarkably easy to clean as well, it can be broken down into three steps; the oven, the mouthpiece, and the vapor path tube.

Each device comes with a standard cleaning kit (a wire brush and pipe cleaners)
1. Remove the mouthpiece from the device.
2. Insert the wire brush into the Vapor Pathway
3. Pop out the screen
4. Dip the pipe cleaner into isopropyl alcohol (making sure to ring out any excess)
5. Floss the Pathway with the pipe cleaner
6. Clean the top and oven portion of the device with a cotton swab and isopropyl alcohol

The Pax 3 is an easy-to-use and durable device, perfect for the on-the-go consumer. Take the device on a camping trip or use it at home, the possibility for adventure with class is endless. Spend your money wisely and figure out why Pax is a top-tier brand to stick with.

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