Puffco's History

Puffco's History

Oct 14, 2022Ryan Mumpower

Concentrate usage has reached an all-time high these past few years, it was only a matter of time before a company stepped up to take on the task of making the best E-rig on the market. This company in question of course being Puffco, reliable and sturdy they present top-of-the-line products becoming a household name within the community.

About Puffco

Based out of New York, founder, CEO, and Coney Island native Roger Voladarsky had an idea to provide more to the consumer than anyone else in the industry. With the Puffco team and Voladarsky working together they would create a brand that is now seen as one of the best vaporizers on the market, a true must-have for wax consumers. Puffcoโ€™s rise to popularity was not an easy one.

At CES 2018, an innovative technology convention, Puffco was refused a booth but that did not stop Voladarsky. Having set up an offsite hotel suite as a showroom, Puffco introduced the world to the Puffco Peak setting the framework for vaporizer manufacturers to have more respect in the technological field of innovation. With so many companies already in the vaporizer industry it was tough for Puffco to make its name; Pax, created by two graduates from Stanford, Volcano made by a civil engineer from Germany, and Firefly created by a former Apple designer.

Popular Products

One of the most popular in the industry created by the team is the Puffco Peak Pro, outfitted with a ceramic bowl atomizer this device allows for a clean smooth hit. The Peak Pro's efficiency and portability made the Peak Pro so popular. Allowing users to now take a durable piece with them anywhere they went further proved why Puffco is a company for the people. The features of the unit also speak volumes for the quality:

3 temperature settings
2-hour fast charging
30-session average battery life
30-second heat-up time
Customizable LED Lights

Of course, Puffco is in no way considered a โ€œOne-trick Ponyโ€, having multiple best-selling devices; The Puffco Plus, OG Peak, the Proxy, and the new Limited Edition Guardian Peak pro. Each device with its own spin on functionality, evolving as time goes on Puffco stands at the forefront of innovation. Leading the charge to a better future for casual and simple smoking, with higher efficiency than the traditional borosilicate glass rigs. Earlier wax pens and rigs were made of cheap plastics using harsh kanthal coils that introduce toxins into the body, this was a design flaw that Puffco saw as a potential opportunity to improve the communities outlook on vaporizers.

3D Chamber

Following up with improving overall device quality, Puffco introduced a new design for a coil, the 3D Chamber. Designed to work for the Puffco Peak Pro, as well as a separate 3D chamber for the proxy, this coil burns the product in a smooth and even fashion to allow maximum vapor production. From there the manufacturer would make numerous items for the public to enjoy the existing devices. The Puffco Hotknife is one such item made to ease the process of taking a dab.

Puffco cares about the community they serve, with amazing customer satisfaction and pristine products, there is no end to what this company can do for the consumers. Creating new products with all kinds of innovative features throughout the years allows this already well-known manufacturer to stay at the forefront of vaporizer technology.


Of course, this company is already a well-known brand releasing incredibly reliable devices and accessories. Having set up the standard for what an electronic concentrate rig should be, Puffco remains at the top for quality and durability.

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