Volcano: The Must Have Sesh Device

Volcano: The Must Have Sesh Device

Oct 19, 2022Ryan Mumpower
In 1996 Markus Storz started the development of herbal Hot Air Generators, well before the rise in the popularity of Vaping. The patent for the Volcano was registered and granted in 1999 with the actual device released the next year. The functionality of the removable balloon tube is a way to add portability to the already amazing device. The use of a quick valve release was the biggest draw for users looking for a comfortable system, this would allow the balloon tube to easily be ejected from the vaporizer for use.

Is the Volcano Worth the Price?

Featuring full hot air convection heating this product does not back down from the amount of product placed inside, filling an entire 3-meter balloon. A desktop vaporizer made to produce high-density vapor into a portable filling apparatus coupled with an easy-to-use interface. The benefit of having a desktop vaporizer is purely for a full smoke session, it is a one-of-a-kind experience with the added benefit of re-using the product in the chamber for CBD infusions. There are a few versions of the Volcano out on the market right now: The Original Volcano, The hybrid, and The Digital.

We covered the OG version let’s discuss the Hybrid, the best of both worlds this device has an incredibly straightforward interface. An LED display shows the temperature you set scaling from 104Β°F to 446Β°F, with a product chamber filling as low as 0.15grams to upwards of a full gram or more for a powerful session. This device also comes with a whip in addition to the balloon tube, you have the option to hit straight from the bag or the tube, whichever you feel the party needs. Onto the Digital Volcano, functioning like the Hybrid this machine chucks absolute clouds into the balloon tube ready for consumption, with an 8-inch diameter there is no way to knock this monster off your coffee table.

What is the hype?

The biggest draw of this device is the session capabilities, allowing friends to come together under one roof to enjoy an experience no other vaporizer could give the consumers. With having a full bag of smoke to pass or carry around, it would be wise to keep a spare bag on standby, the only reason you would need to replace the bag is if it tears. This, of course, is not only for party use but personal as well, carrying around a bag of smoke has never been more satisfying. With a desktop vaporizer, you can set it up, relax, and enjoy it while having a full conversation with your friends. The amount of smoke produced by the Volcano is enough to fulfill all your wants and needs. Become the go-to hangout spot with an in-house smoke machine that lets the whole group take it easy.

Other Products by STORZ & BICKEL

The Craft and the Mighty are the other two premium devices produced by the manufacturer. They function similarly to the Volcano, however, these two are the hand-held answer to the portability issues one could have with the Volcano. Both are featured dry herb vaporizers made to heat the flower, without the unnecessary burning and filtering through water.

The Crafty is the smaller of the two devices, offering exemplary airflow and a comfortable grip. Portability is a breeze with this unit as the dimensions are 4 inches tall and 2 inches wide. Even though the device is smaller than that of the Mighty, there is certainly no lack of power or efficiency. Yes, the battery life is better on the Mighty, as that tends to happen with newer models, however, what the Crafty lacks in session time certainly makes up for in portability and concealment.

The Mighty, on the other hand, almost doubles the session time of the Crafty. It charges through a direct connection 110-volt charging port, as opposed to the crafty have a USB charging port. The Mighty is larger than the Crafty at 5.5 inches tall and 3.5 inches wide, still making it an extremely portable device. Both devices have a similar heat-up time of 60-90 seconds, making for a quick session start. Just as well, both devices are incredibly easy to clean with little to no tedious grooves to dig out any leftover residue.

Pick any of these devices by Storz & Bickel today to experience an incredible change in at-home and on-the-go smoking.

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