How To: Roll with RAW Papers

How To: Roll with RAW Papers

Oct 26, 2022Ryan Mumpower
Have you been at a party, and someone asked you to roll because the resident “professional’ roller is not in attendance, but you have no clue how to roll? Don’t worry this guide should ease the stress of on-the-spot rolling with a few simple steps. Sit back and relax while we go over the “Dos and Don’ts” of Rolling!

First the choice of paper, this step is more so preference-based and can be used with any rolling paper on the market. For this guide, we will be using Raw 1 ¼ rolling paper, an industry favorite as well as the normal papers seen in most retail stores.

The Papers will be using today are from the company known as Raw! A brand dedicated to healthy and clean smoking sourcing from Benimarfull, where the original “rolling paper” booklet came from! Hitting the hardest points of being an eco-friendly rolling paper company made from natural plants with zero burn additives. RAW also gives back to the community helping those in need with the RAW Giving part of the company, providing clean water in Peru, and funding orphanages in Indonesia. Now that we have covered the company let’s get to the How to Roll.

1. Break up your product

This is a very simple and important step as this determines the breathability of your cone. There are a few ways to break up your flower, using a grinder which, typically provides the best outcome, or using just your hands, a bit time-consuming but some people prefer this over a grinder. However, do not allow the product to come out too small as this could clog the airflow.

2. Filling up your roll

Hold your paper at one end creating a trough with the glue side facing down. Place your product in the center of the trough, this will make for an easy rolling process.

3. Roll but don’t squeeze too tightly

Now we get into the actual rolling portion of the process. (If you have a rolling tray this would be the time to have it placed under you, as to not lose any flower). Hold the paper where you place the mouthpiece and move your fingers from the left to the right evenly distributing the product. Now roll the paper back and forth so the paper can cover the mouthpiece
Start working the paper, pressing, and pushing down on your flower with your fingers. Roll the paper with one thumb while the other is tucking the bottom side of your paper.

4. Lick and Seal

Lick the glue strip on your paper and lightly press it down onto the paper, making sure the roll is kept tight throughout the process.

5. Pack don’t stuff

Use a packing tool to lightly pat down your product to create an even burn. Do not stuff the cone you just made as it can cause the whole piece to be ruined and burn lopsided.

6. Twist and smoke the rest

Finally, with all these steps followed you can twist up the end to create the final seal and you are ready to enjoy!

I’m sure that was a lot of information to take in but one you get the hang of it you will notice it gets easier and easier. Repeating these steps will allow you to have more confidence at gatherings where you get put on the spot. A little tip for you as well, you can get away using just about anything as a filter for your cone, as long as it is small and mailable enough to fit, personally, I’ve used the actual casing for the raw papers before. Using this guide can make rolling no longer a time-consuming hassle, we hope you enjoyed learning with us about this topic, be sure to check out more of our informational articles.

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