Glass Vs Vaporizers: Which Is A Bust and Which Is A Must

Glass Vs Vaporizers: Which Is A Bust and Which Is A Must

Nov 02, 2022Ryan Mumpower
Smoking in its base form is always tricky to compare, especially on the topic of Glass Waterpipes and Vaporizers. There will always be a unique experience to each piece you use; the same goes for vaporizers. So, what is the difference between the two? Which will give you the best flavor or pull? Why would you make the switch from a traditional way of smoking to a more modern approach?
All your answers can be found in this article as we go over the pros and cons of these two different ways to inhale your favorite products. Be sure to read through to the end to see the final verdict as well as supporting evidence throughout the article.

Why Choose Between the Two?

There is no reason for me to convince you, the reader, to have to choose between traditional and modern smoking, as that would be hypocritical of me. Personally, I use both forms and find each to be quite enjoyable. However, through my time spent with both, I can safely say one has a clear advantage. As we go on this journey through the differences and shared similarities between Glass and Vaporizers, I ask that you think about this question throughout the study, “Am I getting the most out of my Product?”

Banjo Glass


Yes, we start with the original, the way most of you started smoking to remedy the stresses of a 9 to 5 work schedule. The classic is hard to beat, with sleek features and out-of-this-world designs that hold the attention of users everywhere. Nowadays, waterpipes are made of Borosilicate, a highly heat-resistant glass. What does this mean for the consumers? In short, you don’t have to worry about your red-hot banger fusing with your piece, just keep it out of the furnace.

Other great features of glass are the different attachments made for the pieces, such as different slides and bangers. As well as ash catchers and reclaims to cut down on the cleaning involved with these pieces. This brings me to one of the main cons of glass usage.

The Cleaning

Just like the windows of your car, your Waterpipe can get dirty with usage, most commonly due to a build-up of residue from the product you put inside. As mentioned before an ash catcher can help but it won’t solve the issue outright. So, what do you do when it gets dirty? Unlike your car you can’t take it to the nearest car wash, there are no Bong washes on the side of the road, at least none that I have heard of. No, you must clean it with a ready-made cleaning solution like 420 Cleaner or Randy’s Black label, or you can use Isopropyl Alcohol and sand. Some companies even created cotton swabs that can snap to release Isopropyl into the cotton itself for cleaning.

It is by no means a difficult task but can be a bit tedious as depending on the size of the piece and the product burned, you could find yourself cleaning more often. The color of the glass can appear to change as well, what’s referred to as “Chazzing” occurs when concentrate has caked itself on the walls of your nail. This is a bit of a tough thing to get rid of but can be easily avoided with routine cleaning.

The Experience

While the effects will be the same, in the long run, glass pulls will give a more sudden feel. Offering a quick way to inhale the relaxing elements but only lasts for a short time, depending on the product used.
Now that we covered the biggest issues facing Glass, time to move toward the modern age with Vaporizers.


Vaporizers and their Accessories

Have you ever found yourself without a lot of flower but no lighter to burn it with? Gone are the days of going without your Saturday toke because of a misplacement of your tools. May I introduce you to handheld smoking devices, that have been around since 1993. The first of its kind, The Shake and Vape, created a way for users to experience forced air vaping for the first time. Since that day not many look back to the old ways of using a 10mm socket and a water bottle to fulfill their needs.

Often you will find with each device comes with many attachments to buy, creating a better experience overall. These added features can be beneficial or can make the usage more of a hassle with added bells and whistles. Extra features can lead to more cleaning or possibilities of breaking/ malfunctioning. Say a vape has a replaceable atomizer, if you bog down this said piece to your device it can lead to the whole thing no longer working.

The Cleaning

The way to clean these machines is almost identical to the way you would clean Glass, however, you cannot fully submerge a device, much like your phone being dropped in a lake the circuit boards will fry and the vaporizer will cease to function. There is a plus in some devices like the Dr. Dabber Switch a self-cleaning mode allowing the user to avoid a mess.

The Experience

With long-lasting flavor and an even longer enjoyment period, Vaporizers present full-body relief and relaxation to users. The overall timing of the ride that your product can provide is extended to its true peak with a cleaner hit and better taste.

Final Verdict

Like I said before, I enjoy them both so it would be wrong to make you choose between the two. If you enjoy an aesthetically pleasing piece of instant gratification, then Glass is your go-to and you should be proud of sticking to the classics. If you enjoy a modern feel and your lifestyle takes you places that you can’t lug a 14-inch tube around then a Vaporizer is right up your alley. Any way you go the experience is a unique one for you. Nothing you do, even if the details are the same, can ever be repeated, your time spent with these pieces or devices is designed to your standards and no one else’s.

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