Stranger City Flash Sale!

Stranger City Flash Sale!

Oct 24, 2022Ryan Mumpower
The story of Halloween dates to the Celtic festival of Samhain over 2000 years ago, this was to celebrate their new year on November 1st. During this event the cold winter signified the possibility of death for the Celts, to ease the nerves the Druids would build huge sacred bonfires to burn crops and other such rituals for the Celtic deities. When the festivities were done, they re-lit their hearth fire with the sacred bonfire to help protect them during the winter. Now we celebrate with parties, candy, sales, and contests! Xhale City is no exception in sharing the fun and excitement of the season and what better way to show our appreciation for the holiday than with our own Halloween Flash Sale!

In-Store Sale Breakdown

In-store sales are reaching frighteningly low prices, allowing customers to keep the good times rolling!Β Join in on the ghostly and ghoulish delights with the sales listed below!

  • All old glass is up to 35% off for the 31st as well as, select disposables, CBD, Kratom, and vaporizers

  • 5/10 cartridge batteries, select glass, Apparel, Butane, Detox, E-nails, E-juice, Glass accessories, Glass Cleaner, Hookah, Shisha, N 02 Dispensers, Novelty, Open Pod Kits, rolling utilities, Silicone, Storage, Synthetic Urine, Torches, Trays, Wood/Metal Pipes, Whip-its, Face Masks, Grinders, Vape Accessories. As well as any CBD, Kratom, Disposables, and Vaporizers not included in the discount mentioned above are all 20% off.

  • In the 10% off category, you will find, Rosin Press, Puffco Products, Butter Infusers, Davinci Products, the Dr. Dabber Switch, Dr. Dabber Boost Evo, Storz and Bickel products, Ardent Vaporizers, Gpen Connect, Illadelph, Levo Products, All Butter Makers, vape kits/mods, tanks, Roor Glass, Banana Bros Otto, Gpen Roam, Cookies Nova X, Dab Rite Thermometer, Hamm Glass and, Huni Badgers, Pax Products, Ryot Verb, Cigarette Tubes, Firefly Products, Lace Face Glass and Heady Glass.

  • Items EXCLUDED from the sale include Cigarillos, Cigarettes, Regular Drinks, Exotic Pop, and Mothership glass.

Online Store Breakdown

The Online store is having its share of a spooky scary sale, join in on the fun with the discounts listed below.
  • 20% off 510 cartridge batteries, Select Glass, Apparel, Disposables, E-nails, E-juice, Glass Accessories, Glass Cleaner, Novelty, Open Pod Kits, Papers/ Cones/ Wraps, Silicone, Storage, Torches, Trays, Select Vaporizers, Grinders, and Vape Accessories.

  • 10% off Rosin Press, Puffco Products, Butter Infusers, Davinci Products, Dr. Dabber Switch, Dr. Dabber Boost Evo, Storz and Bickel Products, Ardent Vaporizers, Gpen Connect, Illadelph Glass, Levo Products, All Butter Makers, Hun Badger Products, Pax Products, Ryot Verb, Firefly Products, Lace Face Glass, Vape Kits/ Mods, Vape Tanks, Roor Glass, Banana Bros Otto, Gpen Roam, Cookies Nova X, Dab Rite Thermometer, Hamm Glass, and Heady Glass.


Xhale City is hosting our Discord Costume contest! Entry to the contest is simple, follow the link provided below to join our community Discord and post your Halloween costume! Entry gains you the chance to win a Stundenglass Gravity Infuser, Puffco Proxy, and a Taco Jesus exclusive XC Dab Rig! Our community Discord server is a great way to stay up to date on all events happening at our numerous locations, participate in server giveaways and get in touch with some of your favorite glass blowers. Get involved with our growing community by joining the XCFAM Discord server.

Get wacky and zany with the crew of Xhale City sharing a common connection or just gaming in our Discord Server! Multiple channels are made for all walks of life. The Clean Glass channel is perfect for showing off your nice pieces! The Gaming Chat is a lovely place to gather with other friendly gamers to grind out a few rounds of Overwatch or Call of Duty, whatever games you prefer! So many more channels for you to discover and enjoy, come be a part of the XCFAM!

The Discord contest is not the only event happening in October, in stores, and online we are having the Halloween Flash sale! The possibilities are endless with discounts of up to 35% off products that you know and love. Come in and show off your costumes to our friendly staff, it’s a spooky day full of opportunities to show up and show out!

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