Xhale City’s 20 days of 420: Happy 420

Xhale City's 20 days of 420: Happy 420

Apr 20, 2020Dakota Wright


Happy 420

Celebrating the 20 Days of 420
April 20th 2020

We wanted to finish off the series on a solemn but reminiscent note. Over the years, Xhale City has been able to grow, adapt and change. We strive for bigger and better sales than the last, however, this year is not how we envisioned 420.

We wanted to give everyone a peek into the past and look back at the people who helped us become what we are today.

So with that, here's a video containing a clip from every video we created from 2016 until now. Thank you again for watching the 20 days of 420 and thank you to our staff who helped make this possible. Enjoy and Happy 420. ❀

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