"From Sands To Bands" Episode 1: Banjo Glass & Bubbles The Butcher

"From Sands To Bands" Episode 1: Banjo Glass & Bubbles The Butcher

Jul 10, 2022Mason Downs

Art comes in different shapes and forms. Some people like paintings. Some people like literature. Than there's Glass Art. Not everyone has the opportunity to see the behind the scenes of how their favorite glass pieces are created. With this documentary, Xhale City hopes to bridge the gap between the creation of the glass and the people behind it.

We hope everyone enjoys the documentary and this opportunity to see some of their favorite artists in their element. 


Xhale City took a journey out to Eureka Springs, Arkansas to visit Banjo Glass & Bubbles The Butcher to try to get more of a grasp of what all is involved in making Heady Glass. Banjo Glass has traveled most of the west coast in the last 20+ years blowing glass. He recently moved to Arkansas with his family and invited our crew to come out to capture the magic of creating one of his "Bonsai Devi" collabs with Bubbles The Butcher. Bubbles has traveled around a majority of the United States blowing glass but settled down in Eureka Springs with his family to build his glass studio. Banjo and Bubbles are both super down to earth people who bring lots of positivity and good energy to those around them. It was a pleasure for us to have the opportunity to work alongside both artists to kick off this documentary series, "From Sands To Bands"


The "Bonsai Devi" featured in this film incorporates both Banjo's signature meditating Devi and Bubbles The Butcher's Bonsai Pad Tech to create a unique work of art. This is the fourth collaboration from Banjo and Bubbles. This "Bonsai Devi" features sixteen "Bonsai Pads" which is the most pads out of any of their collaborations to date. You can find this work of art available through Xhale City based in Atlanta, Georgia!

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