Problems with your heat? Meet the Dab Rite!

Problems with your heat? Meet the Dab Rite!

Oct 04, 2022Ryan Mumpower
Dab rigs are a now a staple in the smoking community. The rigs allow for a more potent and fulfilling experience, reminding the user why they made the switch from flower to concentrate. Are there any downsides? Sure, there will always be pros and cons of using something over another thing. In this case dab usage can be a little bit more difficult to clean depending on the amount used, not to mention the time it takes to heat up the product in the banger itself.

How are you supposed to know the perfect temperature, or even know what temperature the banger is at? Questions like these have prompted the engineers at Dab Rite to craft a Digital IR Thermometer. What is a Digital IR Thermometer? This device utilizes Infrared light to measure the heat emanating off of the banger you are using. The Dab Rite measures from 200°F to 800°F, anything below 200 will register as low and anything above 800 will measure as too high.

Digital IR Thermometers have been used in many different ways throughout history. With the COVID epidemic, most work spaces used a very simple IR thermometer to capture the temperature of employees to ensure no one was running a fever. An IR thermometer was also frequently used to check the heat on ventilation ports on Naval vessels.

Basically, this device will allow you to accurately measure the temperature you heat your banger to. The device will provide you access to a good foundation on where to start for finding your perfect temperature as well as allowing you to keep it at that level. Having a device that tells you the exact temperature of your piece can benefit you in so many ways, including the potential to find that perfect point of heat to give you your desired experience.

Dab Rite devices are a must have for any smoker, beginner or experienced. They have become a staple in almost every user’s tool kit for concentrate usage with rigs, so much so that Moodmats (a well-known company supplying display items for high-end glass pieces) has made a collaboration with the company for their products.

The functionality of this device is quite simple. Press and hold the power button to turn on the device, the screen will light up when the device is on. To set the temperature press the menu button and use the left and right buttons to set the ideal temperature for your experience. The device will automatically shut down if left without use for five minutes, just as well if you would like to turn the device off yourself simply hold the power button down for three seconds.

Upon use of the product for myself I found it easier to set up the device and set it to my ideal temperature at 500°F (a friend of mine recommended this temp). Using my torch to apply the heat I waited a little bit and right when he topped out, I added my product and was extremely pleased. I had finally found a device that could give me that perfect pull consistently. Applying a few tips, I gathered from multiple sources It seems the best possible heat to keep your banger at is between 500°F - 700°F.

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