Dr. Dabber Switch: The Best of Both Worlds

Dr. Dabber Switch: The Best of Both Worlds

Oct 05, 2022Ryan Mumpower
Since the beginning of smoking, there has been a clear distinction between Dab Rigs and traditional water pipes, the functionality can be quite different. Use of one does not necessarily mean use for the other. You cannot use a bowl piece for wax since the shape would only funnel oil down into the piece. Due to this, there has always been a need for something more, something better with that same portability of the day-to-day pieces. If you are in the market for something with a level of portability and reliability, then look to Dr. Dabber for all your needs.

Dr. Dabber has created many innovative experiences through their use of vaporizer technology. The newest in the line of vaporizers is the Dr. Dabber Switch. The Switch is a device made to vaporize both flower and concentrate. A simple button press away from solving the issue facing most smoking enthusiasts as well as newcomers looking for an “All-in-one” experience. The Device allows users to enjoy all the benefits of their product with top-of-the-line induction heat technology, supplying a clean burn with a smooth and refreshing hit.

Why would you need a concentrate and flower vaporizer in one unit? What’s not to love about a gadget that can do both? Easy maintenance with a self-cleaning mode to easily knock off any residue gumming up the chamber. Featuring session length controls, able to adjust to give up to a 30-second hold time. Finally, fast pass-through charging technology, allows you to use the device while it is charging. Do you have an issue getting the precise temperature needed to get the ideal hit, the Switch features 25 heat settings ranging from 300-780°F. The Switch also has no atomizer to replace, making it easier to maintain a pristine machine.

Following the appearance of concentrate vaporizers, more customers have been wanting a product to give them more than just smooth smoke. They want an experience to drive their smoking into overdrive, full fledge vapor production, two different styles of smoking, and a whole new style design for the piece itself the “Suga Sean Edition”. This unit adds comfort to an already growing industry full of machines made to give you, the consumer, a nominal experience, using this device adds a touch of class with the same glass waterpipe feel.

Another important feature of this device is the battery, I know it’s a little odd that the batter would be such an important thing normally but since this is a unit of machinery it just makes sense that this piece needs a solid battery. As mentioned earlier this piece features “pass-through charging”. What is that exactly? You may find yourself asking, rest assured its nothing strange it’s just a better way to charge allowing for the user to activate and smoke out of the unit while the piece charges.

After using the Dr. Dabber Switch a few times I found that the best way to get the full experience from this unit was running concentrate through it primarily, only burning flower when that’s all I had. Both the oil and flower usage were fantastic, but my preferred way of smoking is hands down the wax feature. I came to this conclusion due to the self-cleaning feature, the handiness of that setting solidified my enjoyment of hitting a fresh chamber dab. That, of course, is not the only reason I like this piece so much, before using the switch taking a dab was a less satisfying after holding the torch to my banger and waiting for what felt like ages just to have my product last a few seconds. The Switch allowed me to sesh out with my friends, providing an excellent and well-rounded experience for all of us.

Lastly, I would like to show a little appreciation for the versatility of the design and function. Truly, the Dr. Dabber Switch shows the effort put into manufacturing such a unit. Time and patience will always be a necessity for the industry, and it excites everyone to see that standard being upheld with a company like Dr. Dabber. Looking toward the future, we hope to see more creations such as the Switch made to make vaporizers a normal household item.

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