How to Improve Your Experience With G Pen

How to Improve Your Experience With G Pen

Nov 29, 2022Ryan Mumpower
Would you like to use a simple device made for Concentrate or Dry Herb vaporizing? Portability is detrimental for consumption on the go, so why not go with a handheld device that’s reliable and durable? I would like to introduce the brand G Pen, featuring a line of vaporizers and attachments made to ease the stress of your smoking experience.

G Pen was first established by Chris Folkerts in 2012 through Grenco Science, the parent company behind the brand. Grenco Science is responsible for the first tank system made specifically for E-liquids and Aromatherapy oils. How does this information benefit you? This offers peace of mind knowing the product you hold comes from engineers with a deeper understanding of vaporizers and how they are supposed to function. Grenco Science has not only produced these wonderful devices, but in April of 2020, they acquired Stundenglass engineers further solidifying their standing in the cannabis community.

Through this parent company, G Pen established the Charity Series, a line of products tied to nonprofit organizations where a portion of proceeds are donated after each purchase. As well as creating the Artist Series showcasing collaborations with industry-leading artists. Knowing all this, G Pen products show promise of a better overall trusted experience in fields where other companies may fall flat. Now that we have discussed the company itself, let’s get into some of the top products they have shared with the world.

The Connect

Have you grown tired of holding a heavy torch to your banger waiting for the perfect temperature? This revolutionary piece of equipment will take all your troubles and throw them out of the window! The G Pen Connect is a fully electric heating element vaporizer fitted with a 10mm,14mm, and 18mm stem to be inserted into your favorite piece. This item features three heat settings ranging from 375°F - 428°F, allowing you to find that perfect temperature you have been looking for. The sleek design offers no bulky obstruction, however, feels like it was always a part of the piece itself.

The Roam

This comfortable handheld device keeps smoking simple. Temperature control ranges from 400°-800°F with haptic feedback features indicating when the device is ready to be used. This machine’s durability comes from its light Aluminum Alloy shell fully sheltering the Quartz tank and glass water tube. The Roam comes with passthrough technology allowing for the device to be used while plugged in as well, making for a never-ending enjoyable experience.

The Dash

Portability is great but what could be better? Discretion, of course, is the ability to keep something low for day-to-day usage. Featuring a glass-glazed stainless-steel chamber to heat your product at temperatures ranging from 375º F to 428º F. This Device can fit inside any pocket allowing the user a comfortable carry with absolute discretion. With the haptic feedback and smart button, you can change between the three heat levels as well as responsive battery life. Once again G Pen provides pass-through charging with a Micro-USB charging port.

The Micro+

Another discreet addition to the G Pen line, the Micro+ has pass-through charging allowing for use while recharging. A comfortable mouthpiece will add to the ease of use as you inhale a perfectly heated vapor. This device features 3 heat settings, 2.5v, 2.75v, and 3.0v each with their respective color indication light. The Ceramic plate element allows for an even distribution of heat around your product. The Micro+ adds an 850 mAh lithium-ion battery to power the device itself, this completes the already outstanding vaporizer making it one of the best for discreet portable smoking. Of course, the vaporizer is made by G Pen you can be sure the quality of this device is on par with the best devices on the market.

G Pen, and Grenco Science, have a history of making safe and reliable devices that stand the test of time, offering a discreet and affordable way to smoke on the go. If you are interested in the products listed above, check out the links attached to find your next favorite vaporizer for a durable experience.

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