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Zeus Concentrate Vaporizer Kit by Yocan



ZEUSÂ is a portable W vaporizer, built with purity in mind. Designed by the creative team of 'Puff Puff Pass It' and manufactured by the leading W vaporizer company, Yocan Technology, ZEUSÂ is truly a game changer for all Conc./W smokers. The kit includes two types of coils to satisfy a variety of users. One is crafted using quartz and the other, is ceramic donut shape coil. The atomizer consists of a magnetic snap-on mouthpiece to offer the most convenient method of loading the coil with product. Underneath the battery of ZEUS, there is a discreet container with silicone lining for storage.

Kit includes:

  • ZEUSÂ 1100 mah long lasting battery
  • ZEUSÂ atomizer with magnetic snap-on mouthpiece
  • 1X Quartz coil
  • 1X Ceramic donut coil
  • 1X Pick tool
  • Micro USB Charger