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UWELL Fancier RTA & RDA Tank



1. Tank Capacity: 4 ml
2. Size: diameter 24 mm × height 56.3 mm
3. Material: stainless steel & pyrex glass & silicone & PEI
4. The RTA allows you to observe the performance of the coils and cotton.
5. Innovative downward wicking.
6. An extra RDA top cap, just exchange the glass with the top
cap, you can use it as an RDA.
7. when using it as an RDA, the cross plate above the coil can be used as a safeguard to prevent spitback

Size: Diameter 24mm X height 56.3mm
Tank Capacity:
Net weight: 48.5g
Material: Stainless Steel & prex glass & silicone & PEI