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Twist Freebase E-Liquid 120ml

Twist Freebase E-Liquid 120ml

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Twist Freebase E-Liquid 120ml is a package deal you don't want to miss


A dual bottle packaging made for those who like to buy in bulk. A quality juice in superb packaging made to perfection by seasoned veterans in the industry. Winners of Best Fruit flavor by Shanghai Vape Culture, Twist is clearly doing something right. Wanting something other than fruit? Twist Freebase E-Liquid 120ml comes in the award winning Pink Punch No.1, a truly magnificent pink lemonade punch made to remind you of the perfect summer. Double up on whatever you choose as the deal is just 2 good 2 miss.


  • Bottle Capacity: 60ml X2 (120ml)
  • Unicorn Tip
  • Freebase E-Liquid


  • Banana Amber
  • Blend No. 1
  • Chilled Remix
  • Crimson Crush No. 1
  • Cocktail Blend
  • Frosted Amber
  • Green No. 1
  • Menthol No. 1
  • Mint 0°
  • Pink 0°
  • Pink Punch 0°
  • Pink Punch No. 1
  • Pom Berry Mix
  • Purple No. 1
  • Purple Grape
  • Rainbow No. 1
  • Red No. 1
  • Red 0°
  • Space No. 1
  • Sour Red
  • Wild Red
  • White Grape
  • White No. 1
  • Yellow Peach
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