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Thicket Spaceout Ray Gun Torch

Thicket Spaceout Ray Gun Torch

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You don't need to open up the mystery box for this one, purchase your Thicket Spaceout Ray Gun Torch today! Light em up with this futuristic torch. Easy fill valve with min-max butane gauge. A fantastic addition to any gamer smoke session, using an iconic design to showcase your personality.

Let's see how many rounds you survive with this Thicket Spaceout Ray Gun Torch. Have a blast and relax! *No Perks Needed To Use In A Proper Fashion*


  • Fire mode: Automatic
  • Rate of fire: Constant
  • Max ammo: 20/160
  • Reload 3 sec.
  • Mobility: Very high


  • Butane Not Included
  • Built-in Kickstand
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