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Rockt Punch E-Liquid 120ML


Rockt Punch E-Liquid 120ML
Rockt Punch is the E-Liquid company that is inspired by big flavor and larger than life art like giant robot films & animation from the 70s. Rock punch has a sole purpose to prove in the land of E-liquid when it comes to big flavor visual impact, size does matter!
The perfect combination of big value packed into 120ML of even bigger flavors! Rockt Punch is designed to bring an oversize value when making the proper choice in selecting a champion all day go to e-liquid brand! Rockt Punch is a sure bang for your budget in a top shelf e-liquid.

Blue RZA Thunderbomb
A refreshing blue raspberry icy slush, blue RZA will be sure to explode every drop with huge flavor.

Cake Berry Blaster
Blast away your taste buds with a ROCKT punch strawberry pound cake e-juice blend. Simply a great way to rediscover and awesomeness in vaping a blast of strawberry pound cake!

Island Ice Cannon
You’ve never had an e-juice like this. With a variety of island fruits and a splash of citrus, blasting off this mix with icy menthol. You will love this big serving of ROCKT punch vape power!

Melon Milk Crusher
A must try e-juice that transforms southeast Asian honeydew with soothing condense milk flavor into the supreme taste.

Ultra Magnetic Fruit Loop
Not your typical cereal flavored e-liquid. Ultra-magnetic fruit loop is a megamix of amazing crunch-tacular fruit loop cereal, berry blasting, and a milky attack on your taste buds!

Rainbow Riot Squad
A well rounded juicy, sweet and tart fruit blend will battle for your taste bud love. Like tasting the rainbow