MYA Econo QT Hookah


The Mya Econo QT is a great, affordable replacement for the QT Mya Hookah. The Mya Econo QT is available in a variety of colors and comes with a spherical black basket, molded aluminum stem, and traditional glass base. Mya Hookah strives to provide reasonable costs without compromising on quality. Any Mya QT hookah may be converted into many hoses by using stem adaptors that utilize the auto-seal technology. The auto-seal technology eliminates the need for flip caps or rubber stoppers when there are several users. Customers looking for a small but functional hookah to use alone or in groups might consider the MYA Econo QT. 


Wire Cage Height: 11" tall
Base: 5" tall
Stem: 6" tall
Stem Hose Capability: 2 Hoses (Only 1 included with the package)