Modus Platinum Blend Gummies 3000MG (20ct)


Indulge in a sumptuous take on your favorite treat with Modus Platinum Blend Gummies, designed to provide an unparalleled premium cannabis experience. These gummies revolutionize edibles with their special blend of Diamond Sauce, CB9-A, and THC-P, which gives you a nuanced fusion of flavor and intensity.

At Modus, we know that the buzz isn't the only thing that makes our gummies amazing. That's because we've mastered the recipe to produce the most delicious and strong gummies available on the market by utilizing only natural ingredients and premium marijuana extracts. 


  • Berries Assorted
  • Citrus Assorted
  • Original Assorted
  • Sour Assorted
  • Tropical Assorted

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