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Medicali Monster Torch



The Medicali Pro Torch is designed with a non-slip grip for the most comfortable user experience. Its gas flow adjustment wheel provides up to a 9” adjustable blue torch flame that reaches temperatures of 2700°F. It includes a trigger switch with a pull-down lock mechanism meeting the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s (CPSC) child safety requirements.

Features :

  • Leveled Gas flow adjustment wheel
  • Self-igniting piezo electric ignition
  • Trigger switch with a pull-down lock mechanism
  • Hands-free slide lock
  • 60-minutes continuous run time when completely filled
  • Non-slip grip with ergonomic handle design
  • Refill with Medicali Butane for best performance
  • Indoor & outdoor applications: ignite materials, heat parts, shrink tubing, solder and desolder, terminate specialty connectors, etc