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Mav Glass

Mav Glass Vintage Bulb Rig

Mav Glass Vintage Bulb Rig

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The Mav Glass Vintage Bulb Rig, a compact comfort design meant to make the user comfortable while using this piece. The shape of this Mav piece prevents splashback to keep the consumer happier with their experience with this mini rig. Utilizing the 70mm base, this piece by default is almost impervious to tipping or spilling any product you put inside. In addition, the Mav Glass Vintage Bulb Rig features a 14mm female joint including a 14mm male banger. 


  • 4 inches tall
  • 70mm diameter base
  • 14mm female joint
  • Banger included
  • Hollow base
  • Two-hole diffuser
  • MAV decal

*not for tobacco use*

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