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Lush Disposable Device 1.2ml 50mg - Creme


Saved room for dessert? Our flavor scientists wanted to recreate their favorite decadent dessert flavor without all the calories. We start with our custom creme base and then choose the finest french vanilla beans, before immersing them in our vape mixture overnight to create this creamy, decadent flavor. Notes of delicately churned cream infused with selected vanilla beans create for a delightfully sweet and full-flavored vaping experience. Great for curing those late-night dessert cravings. 

Tasting notes: Decadent, smooth, silky, creamy, vanilla   

Featuring a 280 mAH pre-charged internal battery, with a direct draw operation, Lush disposable vape delivers amazing flavor from the first puff to the last. No messy tanks to fill. No charging cables to keep track of. No strings attached. Just a pure, satisfying vaping experience. Lush Vapor Co brings you 400 puffs of FULL FLAVOR in every device in an easy to use set up. Simply puff and enjoy the Lush Lifestyle.  

Product Specs:

  • Disposable device requiring No Charging, Maintenance,
    or Cartridge replacement. 
  • 5% Salt Nicotine by volume 
  • 280 mAH internal battery
  • Pre-filled 1.2ml of e-liquid
  • 400 Puffs of FULL FLAVOR