Huni Badger BlazeTip


Turn your Huni Badger into a flameless lighter with the Huni Badger BlazeTip! This patented heating wand has no heavy metals and the heating circuitry is embedded within the high-grade ceramic for the purest taste. Click the button 5-times to start the heating cycle and the BlazeTip will glow red within a few seconds.

Here're a few ways to use your BlazeTip:

  • Light cigars, cigarettes, and rolled botanicals

  • Replace a lighter to start a spark

  • Slowly hover it over your bowl (without touching the material) for the purest taste

There are many benefits to using the BlazeTip rather than your traditional lighter;

  • Maximum Flavor

  • Eco-Friendly

  • Zero Butane Emission

  • Money Saver


  • 1 x Huni Badger BlazeTip