Hidden Hills Live Sugar Gummies 7500mg 30ct

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Explore Hidden Hills Live Sugar Gummies – a delectable adventure with each bite. Packed with 7500mg in a jar and 250mg per gummy, these treats offer a unique experience with the signature Rizz Mix blend of D9, THC-P, and HTE. Whether unwinding after a long day or seeking creative inspiration, these gummies deliver relaxation and euphoria.

"The Rizz Mix," consisting of 30 carefully crafted 250mg gummies, ensures a total bliss of 7500mg per jar. Choose from flavors like Dew Berries, Rizz Blast, Rose Square, or Sour Pack, each offering a taste sensation for a delightful journey. Customize your experience with Hidden Hills Live Sugar Gummies. Start with half a gummy, wait an hour, and tailor your dose for a personalized chill time. These gummies aren't just treats; they're your passport to blissful moments, perfect for solo indulgence, sharing with friends, or enhancing social gatherings. Elevate your senses, order your jar today, and infuse every moment with unforgettable excitement.


  • 30 Count Jar
  • 250mg Per Gummy
  • 7500mg Per Jar Total
  • Gluten Free & Vegan
  • Potent Blend Of D9, THC-P, and HTE (High Terpene Extract)

Certification of Analysis 

Dew Berries
Rose Squares
Sour Pack
Rizz Blast