Evan Shore Bangers

Evan Shore Trippy Banger

Joint Size
Joint Angle

The Evan Shore Trippy Banger is a stellar piece to add to any waterpipe for an improved experience. Pair with a reclaim attachment to prevent sticky globs from entering your rig. 

The Evan Shore Trippy Banger presents a solid form of expertly crafted glass and satisfying results. The use of this banger will present a consistent pull with added airflow. Add a terp pearl to increase the benefits of this piece.

To ensure the piece sustains its effectiveness, clean regularly before and after each use. 


  • Full Etching
  • 20mm Inner Diameter
  • 24mm Outer Diameter
  • ~4mm Thick Bucket Bottom
  • ~18mm Between Bucket Base And the bottom of neck hole
  • Approx. ~1:10-1:40 Minute Cool Down
  • Beveled Lip
  • No larger than 18mm insert diameter