Esco Bar

Esco Bars Fruitia Mesh 2500 Puff Disposable


About Esco Bars Fruitia Mesh 2500puffs Disposable

Esco Bars has done it again with the Fruitia edition disposable. With eight flavors to choose from you will never get tired of these bad boys.  Pastel Cartel teamed up with Fresh Farms to produce a line of E-liquid that is by far one of our favorite juices. As a result Esco Bars have become one our top selling disposables.  

The Fruitia edition come in a variety of flavors all sporting their own unique color. No matter the occasion Pastel Cartel has you covered with these premium disposables. The Fruitia Esco Bars feature all brand new flavors like Fiji Apple Ice, Blue Raspberry Lemon, Mango Guava Ice, Snow Cone Ice, and Watermelon Bubble Gum just to name a few. Whatever you're looking for Esco Bars is sure you will find something you can't live without . Check out the rest of the line up and let us know what was your favorite!

  • Mesh Coil
  • 5% Nicotine Strength
  • 2500 puffs
  • 1000mAh Battery
  • 6mL Pre-filled 

Esco Bars Flavors

  • Snow Cone Ice
  • Lychee Mango
  • Blue Raspberry Lemon
  • Fuji Apple Ice
  • Mango Guava Ice
  • Watermelon Bubble Gum
  • Sun Kissed
  • White Gummy
  • Blue Gummy
  • Pink Brust
  • Pacific Cooler