Dummy Xfinity Vapes 6900 Puff 5%Nic 15ml Disposable


About The Vape

Dummy Vapes has established a reputation as a daring, imaginative line that captures a genuine memorable experience in the exciting world of vaping. With the newest sensation, Dummy XFinity, the legacy is now carried on.

Dummy XFinity advances the innovation even further by building on the strong foundation that Dummy Vapes laid. This device elevates vaping to a whole new level with a staggering 6900 puffs, rechargeable capabilities, and a range of mind-blowing flavors. Dummy XFinity's style, appearance, and raw intensity perfectly complement its older sibling while capturing the spirit of its creator, 6ix9ine.

The Dummy XFinity is not only a stunning addition to the Dummy Vapes family but also a new step in the vaping industry thanks to its rechargeable feature and ergonomic design. It perfectly captures the imagination, enthusiasm, and emotion that distinguish 6ix9ine's artistic vision.


  • 15mL of e-liquid 
  • Strength: 5%
  • Approximately 6900 puff count
  • Type-C charging port

Dummy Xfinity Vapes 6900 Flavors

  • 69 Black Ice
  • 69 Lush Ice
  • 69 Mango
  • Alien Invasion
  • Brooklyn Blue
  • Clear
  • Fefe Punch
  • Fizzy Lemon
  • Gangsta Punch
  • Gooba Grape
  • King of NY
  • Peach Pa Ti
  • Zezty Zaza