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DreamFire Glass

DreamFire Glass Dreamsaber 10mm Rig

DreamFire Glass Dreamsaber 10mm Rig

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Fully functional with light and motion-activated sound effects. 💥
Re-chargeable. ⚡️
10mm female joint with natural cyclone perc for great proven functionality.
23" long
Pico Crumble sound effects
Color changing LED blade
Any color is available at the push of a button! Scroll through the pics to see a couple of the color options!
Freehand masked, each one is unique and intricately designed, sandblasted, and flame polished. “Jedi Knight”
Comes with charger⚡️
Signed and Dated
"Thanks for the Love!!!
May the Force be with You!
-DreamFire Glass

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