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Deezer Freezable Mesh Hookah Hose

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Deezer's Freezable Hookah Hose is freezing out the competitive new market of high quality medical grade silicon hoses. The Deezer Freeze Hose is 74" long, making it long enough to casually lounge around your hookah without worrying about the hose pulling down your hookah.

Since the length of the hose is silicon, this hose is 100% washable, so its easy to avoid flavor ghosting and you can keep your hoses clean and fresh, unlike traditional hoses that can deteriorate after washing.
The handle of the Deezer hose has a removable tip, so it can be easily placed in the freezer.  The handle houses a 12 inch freezable section that is loaded with a freezable gel.  The gels high tech formula, absorbs the heat from the smoke to deliver icy cool clouds of smooth, puffy, flavorful smoke. Also, its extremely easy to use and comfortable to hold.