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Juul Pods Cartridges 4pk - Classic Menthol


Classic Menthol

Do you remember your favorite brand of menthol cigarettes? For many vapers, smoking again is out of the question, but sometimes the occasional nostalgic craving pops up. When this happens, you need a vape flavor that will give you the taste of a traditional menthol cigarette with a similar throat and nicotine hit. Enter JUUL Classic Menthol Vape Pods. These tiny limited edition vape pods hold a lot of flavor and they’re made with .7 mg of nicotine, which gives a smooth and satisfying hit with the JUUL pod mod. 

The JUUL Limited Edition Classic Menthol vape pods stand out amid a sea of menthol juices that are infused with fruit and other flavors for its no-frills approach to menthol tobacco. They’re available in 4-packs in our Vapor4Life retail store, so stop in to get your hands on JUUL Classic Menthol before it vanishes into thin air.

  • 0.7ml
  • 5% Strength
  • 4 Pack