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C Hellick

C Hellick UV Barrel Puffco Topper

C Hellick UV Barrel Puffco Topper

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C Hellick UV Barrel Puffco Topper Topper glass attachments for the Puffco Peak or Peak Pro. 

Made by C Hellick with an aesthetically pleasing design. With horizontal slits down the center perc to increase smoke production. A shorter design to increase the vapor production.

Puffco glass attachments are a perfect replacement for the original glass piece that comes with the peak or peak pro. These benefit the user with a new and unique experience provided by each artist. We are proud to bring you these attachments to increase your puffco overall smoking experience with the C Hellick UV Barrel Puffco Topper.


  • Peak/ Peak Pro Compatible¬†
  • Made with borosilicate glass
  • UV reactive
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