Bidi Stick 6% 1.4ml Disposable


About Bidi Stick Disposable

With the Bidi Stick Pre-Filled Disposable, indulge in an infinite universe of delicious flavor! Immerse yourself in the rich and alluring flavor of premium e-liquids to elevate your vaping experience. 

The seamless mix of innovation and simplicity in the BIDI Stick Pre-filled Disposable Pod Kit makes it stand out. No more worries with charging or refilling. You are given the freedom to enjoy vaping pleasures at your own pace, without any interruptions, thanks to the inbuilt battery and disposable design. The BIDI Stick is your dependable travel companion, whether you're relaxing at home or setting off on an adventure.

Enjoy a world of flavors that lasts rather than just vaping. With the BIDI Stick Pre-filled Disposable, heighten your senses, enchant your taste buds, and savor the freedom of pleasure. It's time to completely revamp your vaping experience and transform each moment into a wonderful voyage through the world of flavor and satisfaction.


  • Fully Charged 
  • 6% – Nicotine By Volume
  • 1.4ML Per Stick – Premium Nicotine Oil
  • More than 50 Cigarettes Per Stick
  • 280mAh – Battery

Bidi Stick Flavors

  • Gold
  • Tropic
  • Winter
  • Arctic
  • Solar 
  • Regal
  • Summer
  • Zest