Beard E-Liquid

Bottle Size : 60ml

Nicotine Levels : 0,3,6 mg

Flavors : 

  • No. 5 : NY style cheesecake with strawberries on top. Beard Vape Co. NO. 05. is one of the Beard’s 5 original E-liquids, NO. 05 has all the decadence of a 5-star cheesecake, with none of the guilt. A mouth watering slice of heaven, only made of clouds instead of calories.
  • No. 32 : A delicious Cinnamon funnel cake.Tested against 99 other flavors during it’s creation, NO. 32 quickly became the favorite; first, around Venice, CA., where Beard calls home, and since, around the world.
  • No. 51 : Custard with a dash of custard. Beard Vape Co. fit as much custard flavor into NO. 51 as possible, then topped it off with more. As smooth as it gets, NO. 51 flaunts layers of vanilla, cream, and subtle sweetness. A versatile flavor that tastes incredible dripped or in a tank, NO. 51 is a rich, aromatic E-liquid for custard lovers everywhere.
  • No. 71 : A sweet & sour sugar peach. Continuing its tradition of top shelf flavor, Beard Vape Co. turned everyone’s favorite gummy candy into a tasty E-liquid.