Avaloo THC-A Snow Cap Hybrid Flower


Avaloo THC-A Snow Cap Hybrid Flower

Presenting Avaloo Snow Caps, a stunning invention that fuses the strength of premium indoor THC-A flower softly coated in THC-A isolation with the tropical charm of hemp strain. A world of pure joy and euphoria awaits you with this magnificent combination, promising a cannabis experience unlike any other. It delivers a symphony of flavors and effects.

  • Blue Dream - Sativa
  • Gelato - Hybrid
  • Skywalker OG - Hybrid
  • Black Diamond - Indica
  • Cherry Cake - Indica
  • Mac 1 - Hybrid
  • Pineapple OG - Sativa
  • Sour Diesel - Sativa
  • Unicorn Meat - Indica

Certification of Analysis

Blue Dream
Skywalker OG
Black Diamond
Cherry Cake
Mac 1
Pineapple OG
Sour Diesel
Unicorn Meat