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One Of A Kind Glass Arts From Our Vape Shop

In Xhale City, we invent, innovate and continue to produce high-end glass arts for the vaping community. We strive to put forth the arts and masterpieces of various brands at our Vape Shop. That helps us create new ideas and improvements on the existing designs every day. It is highly due to the enchanting experiences, that our customers are so fond of us and never miss a chance to shop from us.

The Switch From Traditional Cigarettes To Glass Pipes

The main reason is that with the glass pipes you can get rid of tobacco. The latter being the primary cause of maximum health problems, it is a relief for most of the smokers. The glass is pure and contains no such chemicals in it. So, you can also resist from getting the harmful impacts of plastic with these glass pipes. Though the glass pipes are a little costlier, the cost is worth the taste and vaping experience. It stays intact for a longer period of time.

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The Key Elements Of The Glass Pipes In Xhale City Vape Shop

Shapes – If you are willing to look at something different in form and function, then Xhale City is the premium destination for you. We have a smart combination of colors for you too. For instance, we have the Pyrology EF Norris Codeine Retti OG Water Pipe 14mm Female. It is acquainted with 2 spherical opals and a matching topper. Maverick Honeycomb Klien Recycler 14mm Female has a hand blown American Glass Recycler along with a pink recycler.

Sizes – It does not matter what size you are looking for as our Vape Shop has all in store for you. In fact, this level of versatility makes us stand out among other companies.

Colors and Designs – We have a variety of colors and designs that you can select from. You will find colors in contrast to the products that will add up to your collections too.

Features Of Glass Pipes In Xhale City Smoke Shop

Percolation – This is the process of letting out the smoke from various spaces or holes submerged underwater. On increasing the number of exit points, bubble size decreases, allowing more smoke to come in contact with the water. This also leads to a clearer filtration. All of Xhale City’s glass pipes consist of considerable holes or slits in them.

Filtration – This depends on the optimal percolation. Properly designed percolation filters out the harmful tars in the smoke. Also, it reduces the temperature of the smoke in order to prevent further irritation.

So, if you are up for the best Glass Pipes, Please contact us.