Vape Tanks

Know what Vape tanks Actually are?Vape Tanks

Many people confuse Vape Tanks, Atomizer, cartomizer and clearomizer to be separate parts of electronic cigarettes. These may be because these products are becoming very popular. So, here is the details about exactly what these products are.

Clear out all confusion about Vape Tanks

Tanks are a part of electronic cigarette, it is a container to fill e-liquid with. Electronic cigarette has three parts the battery, Atomizer, and E-liquid.

  • Battery: Rechargeable lithium-ion batteryis for charging. 
  • Atomizer/ Cartomizer/ Clearomizer:  Basically composed of three things. A heating coil, a wick, and a reservoir of your e-liquid. Hence, this reservoir is also known as Tanks, or Vape Tanks.
  • In fact, just like the water tanks fillsthe water in it, similarly Vape Tanks fills the electronic cigarette with e- liquid or e-juice.
  • E-liquid: Another important component of an e-cigarette. This is the liquid that comes in flavor, taste, and nicotine.

Two Types of Vape Tanks available: Standard and sub Ohm

If you are new to the world of vaping, then you must know there are two types of Vape Tanks available in the market. They are Standard or regular tanks and Sub-Ohm tanks.People seldom use standard tanks nowadays. Because of various advantages vapers use Sub-Ohm tanks.

Vapor Mods – the next step in vaping Technology

Are you truly bored of using Vape pens, and electronic cigarettes? Here we introduce you to the next step of Vaping Technology, The Vapor Mods. They are simply vape pen on steroids.

Vape Mods are of two types:

  • Regulated: These are vaporizers that have a chip in it. The chip can actually add tons of features and functionality to the mod.
  • Unregulated: We do not recommend these mods to someone well versed on vaping. In fact, an unregulated mod does not regulate the battery.

Tanks for Vape – Which one works best?

For beginners, Xhale city definitely recommends clearomizer. Using Atomizer is complicated and cartomizer setup has become outdated and using it is little dangerous. If you are looking for a convenient Tanks for Vape then cartomizers work quite well. You can actually switch out the cartridges once you finish using it.

Cartomizers are the best Tanksfor Vape as they can be finicky to vape with. They are the easiest to use, if you are a vaping perfectionist who wants a burst smell and a pretty taste from the e-liquid.