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Grab the Exceptionally Fresh Essence of Smoking with Chillums

Chillums are pipes generally smoked by holding them upright. India invented this exceptionally unique piece of smoking. From here on they have spread across the world. Many uses the pipes in various rituals, also at times you can smoke cannabis with it.

In fact, styles of Chillums can come from a variety of naturally occurring materials such as wood, stone and bamboo. If you are looking for a change in your smoking experience. Undoubtedly, Hookah is the right one for you. The pipe is held upright around the base. You must also be sure that your grip is airtight.


Know our unique way of styling Chillums

In Xhale City, we have a great range of beautifully carved Chillums. We make the pipes with hand crafted glass vase. They are something that can give you the authentic taste of tobacco. In addition, Hookahs from Xhale City have the following features:

  • Normally made with hand-blown glass vases
  • Further, our products consist of high grade metal stem
  • They also have patented Sahara vortex bowl
  • Vase is of Kiss Supernova
  • Generally, most of our Hookah Products include Charcoal tray, grommet set, and a custom carrying bag.

Our Chillums are mesmerizing glass pieces to smoke with. So, haste and make one yours.

Mods - Enjoy vaping with the Modified e-Cigarettes

Mods are mechanical vaping device. We call them Mechanical MODs as they do not contain any electrical component.

Xhale City introduces you the next step of vaping technology. Our Mods are durable, powerful and also have overheat prevention capabilities.

Get exclusive premium vaping Tanks from our store

Just like Mods, Tanks are also a revolutionary product. You can enjoy safe vaping using one. Besides, with better cloud and flavor with can actually get the true essence of vaping.

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Fritted glass Spoons to keep your Mouth ash Free

Usually vapers look for unique products for elegant vaping. We have the most affordable range of Spoons.

In fact,these hand pipes also called Spoons are definitely a great addition to your collections.We mix the fritted glass and then fade it. Thereby, a layer of clear glass is put over that to make the colors flow into each other. We usually make these hand pipes with thick borosilicate glass. As a result, you get to enjoy a vibrant mix of colors along with the great essence of vaping.