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Banjo Glass

Banjo Glass Dandelion Devi 10mm Recycler

Banjo Glass Dandelion Devi 10mm Recycler

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Celebrating the brightness of springtime and a new season of growth.

Dandelion. Dent-de-lion. “Lion’s tooth”

"Humans and dandelions are Indigenous to every continent besides Antarctica. This beautiful plant has been our close companion for as long as we’ve been a species! like us, it has a miraculous ability to thrive in highly challenging environments. Walk through an abandoned industrial wasteland after a few years and theres dandelions sprouting up in the cracks everywhere! It can begin with one seed. With enough sunlight, water, air, and time the plant will effortlessly break apart the concrete and the asphalt. It will remediate the poisons and toxins and industrial remnants back down into their composite elements, and return it all back to earth. They also have the ability to reproduce by sending new shoots up from under the ground, creating a network of different new plants that are all connected at the root. Dandelions can be good teachers to humans these days! We can relax, drop our roots deep in the earth and connect with each other. We can allow the same force of innate natural intelligence that guides the dandelion to guide us as well. Given proper space, ventilation, nourishment, and time, Our own unique spark of creativity will naturally find its way through our old outdated, concretized habits and patterns , and we eventually will also remediate and alchemize all our stuck psychological traumas into pure usable energy again, ready to grow a new crop of consciously aware awesomeness!

I have 33 visioncaine dandelion murrine chips, and 9 dandelion visioncaine MIBs. Each has an eye in the center representing the pure consciousness that resides in every seed of every flower, and in each of our hearts and souls. 💛💛💛

Love you all and good luck! Keep growin’ and shining, beautiful human fam!🙌🏽🥰🌱🌼"

- Banjo

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