Xhale City’s The 20 Days of 420: What are the types of CBD Products?

Xhale City's The 20 Days of 420: What are the types of CBD Products?

Apr 07, 2020Dakota Wright

What are the Types of CBD?

Celebrating the 20 Days of 420
April 7th 2020

Thanks for tuning into Xhale City's The 20 Days of 420. Where we discuss what types of CBD products there are on the market and how to identify them to fit your needs best.


"CBD can come in a variety of different levels and terms that may get a bit confusing. Now that we know what kinds of CBD there are, what are the different products?

We already know the different types of cannabinoids. During extraction, companies may opt to leave all components of the CBD or leave some out. These are described as being Full-Spectrum, Broad Spectrum or an Isolate.

Full Spectrum is the term that’s used to describe an extract which contains a full range cannabinoid and terpene profile including THC at a .03% legal limit.

Broad Spectrum is CBD that has been extracted from the cannabis plant without THC.

Isolate is the purest form of CBD which all other cannabinoids have been removed. However it will not have the full benefits.

Hemp Oil is an oil that’s been extracted from the seeds of an industrial hemp plant. Rich in omega fatty acids, vitamin E and protein but does not contain any cannabinoids. But makes a great moisturizer.

So when shopping for CBD make sure to take note of the effects you would like to achieve in order to find the right product for you."


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