Elf Bar: Hottest Disposable On The Market

Elf Bar: Hottest Disposable On The Market

Oct 10, 2022Ryan Mumpower
In an industry filled with so many brands of disposables that practically use the same flavor profiles as the next, it can be hard to find one that is “worth its salt”. Nine different versions of blue razz, that just seems like overkill, right? What if there was a brand that had similar flavors but a better pull, higher puff count, and all around more fulfilling experience. Time to introduce yourself to Elf Bar, a company dedicated to high-quality products with collaborations with multiple well-known companies.

What is Elf Bar?

Elf Bars have been on shelves for a little while now, leading customers to know and trust the brand, only recently did they start making collaboration pieces after perfecting their individuality amongst its competitors. Efficiency is key when producing a quality product line, this leads to a solid foundation for people to put their trust into industry leaders such as Elf bar.

As mentioned before, E.B. has worked in tandem with many different companies like Lost Mary and Pod king. These brands are already loved by the customers who purchase their respective products, so why not collaborate with one of the best disposable manufacturers on the market? Soon after the Pod King x Elf Bar collab hit the shelves of stores, it was a must-have. The same would be said for Lost Mary x Elf Bar. Both collaborations pleased customers with the mesh coil design and rechargeable lithium-ion battery. This left consumer baffled they could have the best of flavor preservation with the longevity of a standard vape.

Style Counts

Elf Bar is known for flavor but also design, a sleek flagon style for a comfortable grip. This design allows you to hold the device in as comfortable of a position as possible. The mouthpiece is a thin lip shape for an easy a satisfying pull. Of course, the design isn’t everything with units like these, but it helps right? The pastel colorful aesthetic of the original unit is absolutely stunning while the newer brightly colored designs of the Lost Mary x Elf Bar are bold and vibrant. This company continues to make long-lasting disposable vapes filled with robust flavor.

The Experience Firsthand

I used to use a non-rechargeable device, and after spending too much money on a new device because the battery died or the coil came unsaturated, I became tired of the whole ordeal. After doing some research on the Elf Bar devices, seeing as they had just arrived in stores not long ago, it pleased me to find a simple yet fulfilling vape that gave me exactly what I needed. Easy charging, a flavor profile that lasted the entire length of the battery and consistency of quality between each product line by the company. Overtime I tried all the flavors Elf Bar had to offer, of course with everyone’s flavor palette is different and I don’t care much for mentholated vapes, I found all three original lines (Pod King, Lost Mary, Original Elf Bar) to be quite satisfying.

Recently the company has introduced a new array of devices to their already fantastic line-up, the Elf Bar BB3500. In a surprising twist the company went towards a smaller puff count coming in at 3500 puffs. With a smaller puff count surely, there would be a negative air around the device itself, however from my experience I found the BB3500 to have a higher density of vapor production than its predecessors. The device comes wrapped in a silicone wrap with a micro-USB charging port, this was odd to me, seeing as up until now each device has a Type-C charging port, perhaps this was a design choice better fitted for a smaller puff count. I enjoy the mouthpiece as well; it is a bit wider than the run-of-the-mill disposable and I believe that to be the cause of increased vapor inhalation.

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