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Posted on October 17 2017

Happy Halloween! Vape with some Freaky Halloween Glass Pieces from Xhale City

Halloween is certainly not only for the kids. It is full of fancy outfits and spooky themes. In fact, Halloween parties are the most enjoyable gatherings of the year. Planning get together, reunion with friends, parties, at home means more freedom to do whatever you want. So, Freedom does include vaping. If you are wondering that if you had a glass piece with clowns, skulls, or pumpkins it would be a great way to fag with friends.


Other than all the attractions in the party the Glass bong, or Hookah, or water pipes, would be the eye grabbing one. You do not have to be worried and suffer as you are not getting such a glass piece anywhere, as Xhale City has the perfect treat for you to let you celebrate Halloween in the best possible way.

Trick or treat yourself with the present offer of Xhale City. Come down from October 27th-31st dressed in your costume to receive 20% off your entire purchase! Treat yourself to 15% off Halloween Glass and Orange & Black products!! Halloween glass can, include but not limited to Zombies, Skulls, Candy Corn, Body Parts (heart, eyeball), Pumpkins, Scary Movie Reference, Clowns, etc. Selection will vary by store. Orange and Black products must be the item itself, not the packaging. Sale excludes tobacco and supplements.

Halloween parties are a great opportunity to exchange suggestions with fellow vapers, finding out which e-cigs and Glass Vaping products to try out next. Bringing your own rare, Halloween-themed Orange and Black products will add seasonal fun and make you the talk of the party! It would be really great if you carry a signature of the festival in your Vaping product. Xhale City stocks a number of unique glass products that you will find in a treat-or treat goody bag.

Take a look at some of our favorite Halloween products, and pick a couple from our store before October 31st. Just make sure that your mask has a hole for you to fag through! Enjoy the Halloween!