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Custom Glass Pieces are a Collection for the Collectors

Posted on July 29 2019

Custom Glass Pieces are a Collection for the Collectors

Custom Glass is a beautifully designed Glassware. Products made from these pieces require a significant amount of creativity. As a matter of fact, the quality of glass blowing extremely expensive. These glasses, no doubt requires a significant skill to create. The cost of making them is much more than scientific glasses.

Custom Glass is generally made of high end glass. It has intense color schemes. This glass is not usually mass produced. Usage of advanced glass blowing techniques, results in this glass formation. Sand blasting, fuming, sculpting, and honeycomb and many more.

Custom Glass

Our Custom Glass top Brands Include:

  • Pyrology: We make Pyrology Water Pipes with borosilicate Custom Glass. They have the best bent neck mouthpiece that elevates your vaping experience.
  • Maverick: If you are looking for an example ofhand blown American glass pipes. Of course, MaverickWater Pipes are the one.
  • Liquid Sci-Glass: The blue bent neck mouthpiece urges you to Vape with satisfaction. In fact, the best artists design these vape pieces.

Our shop has numerous other brands here but, few are mentioned above. Go to the brands option on our website to check more.

Get quality Custom Glass products from our store

Smokers love to use different, authentic products to maintain their status. Here are few of our Custom Glass products:

Water pipes: Our water pipes are bend neck mouthpieces. We make these pipes with the best custom glasses. Besides, they are available in variable sizes and are also affordable.

Hand pipes: Xhale City uses Borosilicate Glass to make water pipes. Moreover, they are highly fashionable and trendy. They are also highly functional glass pieces.

Spoons: They are an inverted cone mouth piece that keeps your mouth ash Free. Spoons from Xhale city are mixed and then of course faded. If you are a lover of a vibrant mix of colors, then spoons area must have in your collection.

Basically, products made with Custom Glass are long lasting. So, get one soon!

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